Unique Wedding Traditions Around The World

Published: 19th June 2009
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If there is one thing that is universal, it has to be love. But the way that people express their love is as diverse as the polars. Every culture has its own unique way of going about wedding ceremonies. From the bizarre to the nobly, wedding traditions are a whole subject of study and admiration. Below are some of the most unique wedding traditions from around the world.


Probably the most unique aspect African wedding tradition is the payment of dowry. A groom has to bring to the bride's father a specified number of domestic animals like cattle, goat, camels, etc for him to get the permission to marry the daughter. In other parts of Africa a marriage can be arranged before the bride or even groom is born.


In this expansive continent, traditions are so much diverse littered with ancient traditions. But one of the most poignant is the Chinese one where the bridal gown is screaming red, and a gift of a whole roast pig has to be given to the bride's father beforehand.

European countries

One of the most unique things about weddings in Latvia and Lithuania is that the wedding has to be published in the church bulletin for up to six months beforehand. And then the bride has to spend at least a week with the groom's mother to be evaluated whether she is a fitting wife for the son.

In Germany, there is a tradition where the night before the wedding, friends, guests and relatives bring and break old dishes in front of the couple's house as it is held that the broken dishes will forever bring luck to the union.

Believe it or not, a good number of wedding traditions in common practice today are borrowed from Europe. There is a European tradition and belief that the bride should not step on the threshold of the couple's new home, as that would bring bad luck to the marriage. Thus the groom has to carry the bride over the threshold when entering the house for the first time.

The Americas

In Mexico, the bride and groom during the ceremony have to be draped together in a special ribbon known as the lasso to signify their unity as a single matrimonial unit. And tradition has it that the groom has to give thirteen gold coins to show his ability to take care of his bride.

In Peru, between the wedding cake layers is a wedding charm attached to a ribbon. Single women are then called upon to pull the strings and then one who pulls the one attached to the charm has the luck to be married within year.

In Puerto Rico, the presiding priest blesses a plateful of coins and gives them to the husband to be. Afterwards, the new husband presents the same to his new wife as a sign of luck and lack of want in that marriage.

There are very many other unique traditions from around the world that serve to bring out the esteem and the high regard in which the marriage custom is held. Whichever way you do it, let it be from the heart and of course true love.

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